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The Recipe: Celebrity Secrets


What are the key ingredients to a fulfilling, phenomenal, & successful life? We are on the hunt for THE RECIPE! Join international award-winning, Culinary Olympic gold-medalist, Chef Charles Carroll as he partners with Chef’s Roll and journeys into the homes of some of the world’s most extraordinary people, to learn their own personal and professional secrets to an outrageously successful life on The Recipe Podcast, Celebrity Secrets.

Sep 15, 2017

Teddy “3 Ring” Johnson got his nickname from winning 3 Super Bowls as a linebacker with the New England Patriots.  He had a huge career in the NFL, making memorable tackles and developing smart plays in every game.  But did it all come at a cost?  Ted is known for his contributions to Concussion Awareness within the NFL.  Tune in to find out just what he has to say on the matter, and how it affected him and his career moving forward today.